Episode 5 – Ghost Ships


In Episode 5 we look at the greatest maritime mystery, The Marie Celeste. We also focus on other strange and mysterious ghost ship stories including;

SS Baychimo – A ship drifting for 38 years after she was abandoned.

Marlborough – Eventually found 23 years after it disappeared.

The Kobenhavn – Lost at sea, there were a number of sightings of a mysterious five-masted ghost ship fitting its description. Continue reading “Episode 5 – Ghost Ships”

Episode 4 – The WOW Signal


In 1977, astronomer Jerry R. Ehman of SETI observed a data signal so unique he drew a red circle around it and wrote “Wow!” to emphasize the discovery. The source of the signal was never identified, leading some to say it was aliens.

Professor Antonio Paris’s GoFundMe campaign featured in this episode has now closed. Here are some links to news articles relating to his research: Continue reading “Episode 4 – The WOW Signal”

Episode 3 – The Man They Could Not Hang

In 1885, a convicted killer suddenly became a legend. Sentenced to death for the murder of his employer at her home on Babbacombe Beach, John Lee mysteriously survived three attempts to execute him at Exeter Prison.

Having placed a noose around Lee’s neck, the hangman pulled a lever to release the trapdoors beneath the prisoner’s feet, but the doors refused to open. Continue reading “Episode 3 – The Man They Could Not Hang”