Episode 9 – The Solway Firth Spaceman

On 23 May 1964, Jim Templeton, a firefighter from Carlisle, Cumberland, took three photographs of his five-year-old daughter while on a day trip to Burgh Marsh.

Templeton said the only other people on the marshes that day were a couple of old women sitting in a car at the far end of the marsh. Jim Templeton was shocked when the middle picture came back from Kodak displaying what looks like a spaceman in the background.


Templeton insists that he did not see the figure until after his photographs were developed, and analysts at Kodak confirmed that the photograph was genuine.

But this strange tale doesn’t end here! In a bizarre turn of events, Jim’s contacted by rocket scientists in Australia and has an apparent visit form the men in black!

Here is another of the photos taken by Jim on that day. The third photograph mentioned in the podcast has never been released to the public. The “spaceman” only appears in one of the shots.


Jim Templeton – 13 February 1920 – 27 November 2011.


Here’s a clipping of a newspaper article of the time.


Video posted to YouTube, more details here: www.cumberlandspaceman.co.uk

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