Episode 17 – Star Jelly


Back in March, listener Yolanda contacted me;

“How about an episode on a strange substance known as star jelly, also called astral jelly, star rot, or star shot.”

Well I’d never heard of this mysterious gloop, so decided to do a bit of research. This episode focusses on what little we know about so called Star Jelly, which many believe to be an extraterrestrial substance deposited after meteor showers and even UFO encounters. Continue reading “Episode 17 – Star Jelly”

Episode 16 – The Broad Haven UFO

40 years ago something strange happened on a school playing field in Broad Haven, Wales in the United Kingdom.

A group of young school children spotted what they believed to be a space ship and spaceman near their playground.

But this wasn’t a one-off sighting. Their claim’s came at a time of a wave of sightings in the area in 1977, leading it to be know as the Dyfed Triangle. Continue reading “Episode 16 – The Broad Haven UFO”

Episode 15 – More than just Coincidence?

Is coincidence really just random? Or does fate exist and something bigger is going on?

In this episode we explore the strange phenomena that is coincidence. Continue reading “Episode 15 – More than just Coincidence?”