Episode 14 – The Tunguska Explosion

Here’s a question, what would you say is the largest explosion in human history?

You may immediately be draw to the answer, Hiroshima or Nagasaki? However you’d be wrong!

In this episode we look into an explosion that was roughly 1000 times more powerful than Hiroshima. With a fireball 100 meters wide, and destroyed 80 million trees. To this day, the cause of the explosion remains a mystery. Continue reading “Episode 14 – The Tunguska Explosion”

Episode 13 – Unlucky 13


For hundreds of years the number 13 has been surrounded in fear, mystery and intrigue.

For some, 13 is a number to avoid, some buildings have no 13th floor, some hotels have no room 13, and some airlines refuse to include a 13th row in their aircraft.

In this, our 13th episode, we investigate where this superstition originates, and why it’s observed by so many of people and multi national corporations. Continue reading “Episode 13 – Unlucky 13”

Episode 12 – Curse of the Crying Boy

Is it possible for a painting to be cursed?

The homes in which the paintings hang, have mysterious fires that always leave the painting intact and undamaged, but the property devastated.

So what is this painting, and would you be brave enough to hang it in your home? Continue reading “Episode 12 – Curse of the Crying Boy”